my rewards program overview

Employer-sponsored health and wellness programs are designed to motivate employees to engage in health-related activities that can increase their personal well-being, quality of life, and productivity. In many cases, the success of these programs is measured by employee participation -– and one effective mechanism to drive participation is a points-based rewards platform.

The ‘My Rewards’ feature, which can be added on an a la carte basis to any Marquee Health plan design option, provides employers with a cost-effective way to reward healthy activities and behaviors through a points-based, online platform.  Marquee’s wellness consultants will partner with My Rewards clients to develop a culturally-relevant series of healthy activities for employees to complete over the course of a designated time period (monthly, quarterly or annually). Points will be accumulated for each activity -– and milestones will be established to earn rewards.


Employers may choose from a list of activities to develop a tailored reward program for their employees and plan participants.  Four types of activities can be tracked:

  • Self-Reported: Healthy activities that are tracked by the participant and manually entered within the My Rewards portal on the Marquee Health website (ex: exercising three times a week; flu shots; local 10k run; community service day).
  • Device Verified: Activities logged and tracked electronically by personal fitness devices and uploaded automatically to the Marquee Health member portal (ex: activities from FitBit, Fuelband, or the Moves App)
  • System Verified: Activities that are completed within the Marquee Health portal and uploaded systematically within the participant’s My Rewards page (ex: a Marquee online coaching program such as UBreathe or UFit; participation in an Marquee monthly webinar; completion of the Marquee health risk questionnaire).
  • Third-Party Verified: Activities completed outside of the Marquee Health web portal that are uploaded by Marquee and reflected within the participant’s My Rewards page. (ex: biometric screenings; health coaching participation; online weight watchers; completion of an eye exam).


During the program, employers are able to reward participants for achieving designated milestones.  At each milestone, participants are able to choose from several rewards within the member portal. Rewards are selected by the employer during implementation and may include gift cards, personal time off, wellness equipment, etc.

Clients have the option of rewarding participants with electronic gift cards to over 100 different merchants through the My Rewards portal. These electronic gift cards, which include merchants like Target, Amazon, Home Depot, Best Buy, Gap, and CVS, are available to Marquee Health clients with no service or administrative fees.


For more information regarding Marquee Health's My Rewards program, please contact us here.