Marquee health offers three unique wellness plan design options

Features within each option can be tailored to suit the needs and goals of each client.




The Core model is a structured, turnkey wellness solution for clients of any size. All programs include health coaching, access to an comprehensive wellness portal, team or individual competitions, and culturally-relevant health promotion.



The Enhanced plan design option is an activity-based model that assesses and engages participants. Enhanced includes all of the features of the Core model, plus biometric screenings, risk evaluation, targeted outreach and incentive administration.



The Premier model is an outcomes-based program that holds participants accountable for their health. This level of service is based on HIPAA-compliant clinical metrics and health goals to engage all members to strive for their optimal level of health and well-being.

Total Health Coaching

Marquee Health's innovative lifestyle management programs educate participants regarding the benefits of a healthy lifestyle; and empower them to migrate through the 'Readiness to Change' continuum with the goal of implementing long-lasting healthful changes. Marquee's unique solution combines physical, emotional and financial health resources to assist members achieve optimal health.

Coaching participants can work with health coaches telephonically, online, onsite or via Marquee's proprietary eConnect platform. eConnect allows participants to schedule video and web chat consultation sessions with Marquee coaches at their convenience. 

Marquee Health Web Portal

Marquee Health's web portal provides participants with a wide variety of tools and resources, such as self-guided coaching programs, web-based interactive health coaching, health risk assessments, a comprehensive wellness and health dictionary, food and exercise trackers, device integration, incentive management tracking and team competition tools.

Total Rewards administration

The ‘My Rewards’ feature enables employers to reward healthy activities and behaviors through a points-based, online platform.  A Marquee Health wellness consultant will partner with the employer and, if applicable, their advisor to develop a culturally-relevant series of healthy activities for employees to complete over the course of a designated time period (monthly, quarterly or annually). Points will be accumulated for each activity -– and milestones will be established to earn rewards. Clients can tailor the incentive to suit their culture and budget, with options ranging from cash to PTO days to gift cards from over 100 national retailers.

For additional information regarding Marquee Health's 'My Rewards' platform, click here.

Intervention and Engagement Programs

Marquee Health offers a suite of tailored intervention and engagement programs that are based on a client's goals, culture and budget. All programs are supported by a 12-month promotional schedule to help clients maintain a 'culture of health' throughout the year.

Biometric Screenings

Biometric screenings provide an accurate assessment of an individual's current state of health and provide an important measuring tool to gauge the success of a company's overall wellness strategy. Marquee Health offers multiple biometric screening options, from a robust 40-panel venipuncture blood draw to a 5-metric fingerstick screening with immediate results. Screenings are available onsite, at a lab or through a physician verification process.

Team and Individual Competitions

Employee wellness challenges improve health and fitness, employee morale, productivity and engagement -- and are a boost to internal and external public relations. Marquee Health will provide clients with the framework, guidance and management for worksite team or individual competitions. Marquee will work with each client to determine the proper tone, incentive and program parameters for their organization. All challenges are tracked on Marquee’s web-based Competition Portal.

Incentive Management

The more employees who participate in a wellness program, the higher the potential impact. Companies that understand this have tried a variety of methods to increase employee participation, some of which have proven more effective than others. Marquee Health can recommend and manage a wide range of incentive programs -- from points-based systems to a reduction in employee contribution -- that are tailored to the unique needs of each client.

Reasonable Alternative Standard (RAS) Administration

Marquee Health provides the promotion, administration and reporting of a reasonable alternative standard (RAS) that meets PPACA guidelines. This service component, which is available as a stand-alone product, enables employers to reward positive outcomes and/or apply a tobacco surcharge.

digital behavioral health

Marquee Health’s cCBT platform, provided in partnership with our subsidiary, Animo Therapy, is a digital behavioral health solution that provides users with evidence-based resources to foster meaningful and lasting behavior change. The platform, which is based on the underlying principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and accessible via web or mobile, drives a measurable improvement in emotional fitness and overall wellbeing.

In addition to a robust resource toolkit, stress-reducing exercises and linkage to mindfulness and other emotional health resources, cCBT allows participants to develop competencies through a variety of structured modules and courses.

For more information, visit the Marquee Health cCBT page.

Additional Services

For clients with an advanced culture of wellness, Marquee Health offers a variety of additional services, such as telemedicine, disease management, EAP/behavioral health services and a nurse line.

6.1% Reduction

Average annual medical cost trend for clients using Marquee Health's outcomes-based program.

11 days sooner

Participants returned to work from a workers' compensation incident.

7.7% LESS

In Per Member Per Month (PMPM) cost in Year 3 of Marquee Health's outcomes-based program.

17 days faster

Participants returned to work from short-term disability leave.



Marquee's outcomes-based programs have a significant and measurable impact on medical spend, employee absenteeism and organizational productivity. For more information on Marquee Health's solutions or the referenced study, email us at, call us at 1-800-882-2109, or request a proposal by clicking here.