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Get to Know the Recipients of the 2024 Excellence in Wellness Awards!

The 2024 Excellence in Wellness Award recipients have been announced; now it’s time to get to know more about the award and the organizations who have received this honor.

About the Excellence in Wellness Awards

Every year, we evaluate the health and wellness results our clients have seen. This year over 1800 companies were evaluated, with only twenty-five organizations receiving the award.

Award Breakdown

The criteria for the award used 2023 program data and companies of all sizes were considered. Award winners were determined using an aggregate score in four categories:

  • Being an Impact Player: Program Engagement
  • Total Wellbeing Support: 5 Pillars of Well-being & Benefit Integration
  • Strong Leadership Support and Participation
  • Improvements in Clinical Outcomes

Client Success

Since implementing a corporate wellness strategy, our clients have seen numerous benefits including but not limited to reduced employee absenteeism, reduction in long-term medical costs, and increased productivity.

We are thrilled to work with so many amazing organizations who are as committed to employee health and wellness as we are.

Visit our awards page to learn more and see a full list of the organizations who have been honored this year.

Congratulations to all of the winners!