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Phone: 800.882.2109

Chicago (headquarters)
223 West Erie St., Suite 7SW
Chicago, IL 60654

Chicago (secondary office)
314 West Superior St., Suite 601
Chicago, IL 60654


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employment opportunities with marquee health

Marquee Health provides an comprehensive array of health and wellness services to employers and service partners throughout the country. Our suite of services includes: health coaching, clinical health evaluations, incentive administration, reasonable-alternative standard administration, disease management, maternity management, behavioral health and chiropractic management. We are looking for innovative, self-motivated, dedicated individuals to fill the position(s) below.

health educator (FULL- OR PART-TIME)

REQUIRED SKILLS AND QUALIFICATIONS (included but are not limited to)

  • Experience with Clinical Health Education, Weight Loss Management, Nutrition, Tobacco Cessation, Stress Management, Physical Activity
  • Must Have Great Understanding of Various Biometric Results, Including (but not limited to) BP, Cholesterol, BF, BMI, etc.
  • Experience Speaking in Front of Live and Remote Audiences for an Extended Period of Time
  • Ability to Work in a Quick-Paced Environment
  • Masters Degree in a Health-Related Field