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Navigating Unemployment

Unemployment can cause stress, fear, anxiety and so much more. And when jobs turn you down or fail to respond to your inquiries, this can affect your self-esteem and increase feelings of loneliness. Navigating unemployment is no easy task, but it can also be an opportunity for growth and rediscovering your passions and hobbies. 

Here are a few tips for handling unemployment and moving forward. 

Assess your finances.
Establish what you can cut back on, such as streaming subscriptions or eating out, then determine how much money you need to pay monthly bills. This will help you gain clarity of your situation. You may need a temporary, lower-paying job to make ends meet, and that’s okay! Food deliveries, freelance work and pet-sitting are all good places to start.  

Create a routine.
Work is a pivotal part of your everyday life. Suddenly losing that routine can be difficult. Try creating a new routine that involves waking up at a decent time, eating a healthy breakfast, then engaging in a hobby or searching for your next job opportunity. 

Reflect on your passions.
Losing a job is a good time to step back and determine what you want from your career. Perhaps you loved aspects of your old job and would like to continue in that direction. If you weren’t satisfied with your prior position, now might be a great time to pivot your career. 

Develop a plan for getting back in the game.
One of the hardest parts about being unemployed is the feeling of instability. Create a game plan for getting back into the job field. Whether that’s applying for a certain number of jobs each day or reaching out to your contacts, working a little each day to find employment can help you feel more hopeful. 

No matter what, it’s crucial to remind yourself that your self-worth is not based on your employment status. Take care of yourself during this challenging time, and remember you aren’t alone.